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From the ground up, meet our core team who keep us running day in and day out.



Executive Director

Mukhtar has led ORIS since its inception in 2005. In this role he harnesses the needs, skills, and dreams of the clients, board, staff, and partner agencies that make up ORIS, to guide the organization along a path true to the community it serves. A native of Somalia, Mr. Idhow attended secondary school in Kenya, and worked as the Farm Training Coordinator for the non-profit organization GT2, where he trained refugee camp residents on basic crop production. In the U.S., Mr. Idhow worked as an interpreter for the Manchester Community Health Center and for Southern New Hampshire Services before founding the Somali Bantu Community Association.

Contact: midhow@refugeesuccess.org

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Marketing Coordinator

Minata Toure joined ORIS in 2015 as Marketing Coordinator to support Fresh Start Farms NH, an immigrant and refugee farmer collective. A native of Banfora (Burkina Faso), Minata attended high school and college in Ouagadougou. She is responsible for market coordination and community engagement for Fresh Start Farms NH. She provides on-site technical support to farmer entrepreneurs and fulfillment of high-quality and timely orders of produce, including CSA post-harvest handling.

Languages: English, French, Bambara, Mooree And Mandingo

Contact: mtoure@refugeesuccess.org

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Director of Programs

Matthew oversees the Food Security, Youth, and Violence Against Women Support programs. He brings to ORIS a drive for systems-thinking, strategic planning, and the pursuit of financial sustainability. He loves to turn innovative ideas into projects on the ground. Prior to settling in New Hampshire, Matthew spent the last 15 years working alongside diverse populations from the highlands of Guatemala up to the rain forests of southeast Alaska. His background in wildlife ecology and horticulture bring an ecological perspective to social services and non-profit management.

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: mschwartz@refugeesuccess.org



Farm Manager

Anthony Munene began as NASAP Farm manager in 2013. He develops and implements management plans, as well as infrastructure development for multiple farm sites. He coordinates land use, provides production training and technical assistance for the participants. In addition to growing up on a family farm, he owns a permaculture farm in Kenya and has vast experience in the agriculture sector, from incubator farms to greenhouse production to project management for a Farm-to-Restaurants program. Mr. Munene graduated from the Kenya Institute of Organic Agriculture and Uganda Martyrs University.

Contact: amunene@refugeesuccess.org




As the Youth Coordinator, my role is to ensure that youth in the need of our services are served under my collaborative leadership. I provide skills training, mentoring, and opportunities in agriculture, nutrition, entrepreneurship and peace-building. At the heart of my being, I am so passionate in working with youth as I believe that they are the future generation of leaders of the world. As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”- that is why I love to teach, mentor and challenge them on different subjects such as creativity, entrepreneurship, management, leadership, peace advocacy and ambassadorship, anti-criminality, and corruption psychology. I have extensive experience working with youth from the Congolese community, the Concord School District, the American center, the Global Platform for Peace Advocacy, and the Valere Mangituka Foundation.

Languages: English, French, Lingala and Kikongo

Contact: vmangituka@refugeesuccess.org



dv/sa Program Manager

Asraa Abdulwahab manages the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault program and brings over 10 years of experience working with immigrants and refugees. Prior to joining ORIS, Asraa worked in different non-profit organizations where she focused on economic development, employment services, and supported fundraising efforts. She holds a BA in Communication.

Languages: Nationally Certified Arabic Interpreter

Contact: aabdulwahab@refugeesuccess.org



victim advocate

Kristal serves as a Spanish-speaking Victim Advocate in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program @ ORIS. She works closely with victims/survivors to meet their needs and educate them about DV/SA. She has spent the last 5 years working in the human services sector with a diverse population and many different settings. It is her passion to help and support individuals who experience trauma to become self-sufficient and believe in themselves.

Languages: English and Spanish

Contact: kmarquez@refugeesuccess.org




Contact: mgeorges@refugeesuccess.org




Contact: cramazani@refugeesuccess.org