Leadership Development


ORIS supports year-round leadership development of low income and new American youth & bridging case management for their families.

Since 2012, ORIS operates Farm and Food Leaders, a leadership program for teenaged youth. An intensive summer internship is paired with year-round mentorship, academic tutoring, and assistance in pursuing college and/or employment. During the summer, Farm and Food Leaders are paid a stipend as they digest an 8-week ‘food systems’ curriculum, which includes workshops, field trips, and first-hand farming at the New American Youth Garden which ORIS purchased in 2018 in Dunbarton. This opportunity provides teens with the skills, tools, and resources to grow food, develop job skills, and become advocates in their communities for nutritious food. The program is offered in partnership with Manchester high schools, and is supported by the City of Manchester Community Improvement Program, My Turn, Inc. and New Hampshire Jobs for America’s Graduates (NH-JAG).

ORIS’ bridging approach extends to the whole family and community network, throughout the entire year. Our case managers work closely with refugee parents, families, social workers, and school personnel. 

For more details and information on how to apply, contact our office at (603) 296-0443 or email our Youth Program Coordinator, Valere Mangituka at vmagituka@refugeesuccess.org