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Each year, ORIS serves hundreds of new American families through its case management services. Case managers are out in the community with clients at doctors’ appointments, trainings, workshops, job interviews, home visits, and community meetings. We meet with clients individually to assess their needs and empower them to navigate a variety of areas such as employment, healthcare, housing, outreach, family issues, parenting, literacy, immigration legalization, and referral services. Our Case Management team will work with any new American in need of support or assistance. Below are some of our more specific services offered through this program.

Healthy Families

The Healthy Families Program utilizes education-based prevention, skill-building community workshops, and direct client service to improve wellness within familial relationships.

This program has a focus in violence prevention, as well as directly assisting victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking victims in a manner that affirms the survivors’ culture. Our multi-lingual Victim Advocate team develops education and prevention strategies that highlight culturally specific issues, and works with individual clients and their families through a bridging case management approach. Our team also provides culturally specific resources and services that address the safety, economic, housing, and workplace needs of survivors.

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Employment Services

ORIS’s employment services assist new American clients with an assessment of vocational skills, job searches, applications, resume writing, interpretation at interviews, and follow up services with local employers. We arrange job interviews and make referrals to service providers. Our long-term relationships with both employers and individual job seekers allow us to serve as a connector in the local economy.

We recognize that economic opportunity is more than just a job. Our employment services focus on building an understanding of the job search and employment process, as well as career-building. Our case management program in Manchester and Concord, NH, assists our clients to access all the services they need. This bridging approach empowers clients to thrive at work and at home.

For Employers
ORIS develops working relationships with the refugee community and has a large pool of earnest job seekers seeking employment. We conduct thorough intake services so we can help match skillsets with the needs of local area businesses to create a win-win situation for both employee and employer. We work with all businesses, ranging from small businesses to large hiring companies. Contact us today to find out how to begin working with us.

Senior Women

ORIS provides services focused on supporting the health of new American women over the age of 65. This includes care coordination to ensure clear, effective communication between the women, their providers, and any family members engaged in the women’s care. Prior to the pandemic, we also offered opportunities for women in this group to engage in multi-cultural socialization events and educational workshops. We look forward to offering these events again in the near future.

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Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

Building knowledge and skills for engaging in banking, credit building, and savings is a critical component of self-sufficiency for new Americans. Many refugees arrive in the U.S. from countries with unreliable banking systems and/or with less-formal credit systems. ORIS’s case management staff work with refugees and immigrants to develop an understanding of American financial systems and healthy household financial management. Financial literacy workshops will also begin in late 2022. One-on-one services are available at all locations. Financial literacy workshops available in Worcester, MA.

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