Youth Programs

Youth Programs

ORIS’s Youth Programming supports over 80 low income and new American youth & their families in Manchester and Concord. The Youth Program team helps prepare participants for success in college and/or careers. Most youth are placed in a grade level according to their age when they arrive in the US, despite limited English proficiency and significant gaps in their schooling prior to resettling. Youth program staff connect with families and youth to address household needs through case management and to understand each youth’s goals and interests to build a plan for their future.

Offered in Manchester & Concord.

Afterschool Programming

Our afterschool program supports youth at home with homework and has operated in person in Concord and Manchester. ORIS’s Tutoring and Mentoring program serves as a lifeline as students gain English language skills and fill the gaps in their education.

ORIS’s Youth Program staff pair after-school sessions with home visits and case management services for whole families to ensure youth have a strong foundation for their learning and growth.

Summer Programming

This program builds on previous work with New American Africans’ summer literacy program in the Concord area in 2019 and earlier. The goal is to gather new American youth aged 8-12 (all are welcome!) to read and play games that build their English language and literacy skills as they prepare for their next school year. The program is held in public spaces – Keach Park in Concord; Elwood Gardens and Beach Park in Manchester – two days per week for each city. During the sessions, staff and volunteers engage with the youth through games and books to work on language development. Staff also work to mentor older youth as they pursue job opportunities, explore college and educational options, and study for driving or citizenship exams. The team also continues to do home visits and support families when they need to apply for assistance programs, need translation support, or help with transportation, and more.

College Visits

During April vacation week, youth visit colleges to learn more about their options after high school graduation. These trips gives youth a unique opportunity to see what their college experience could be and to get motivated to succeed in high school and prepare for this next step.

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