From Fields to Food Trucks: Babu Zuberi’s Journey in Farming

From Fields to Food Trucks: Babu Zuberi's Journey in Farming

From Fields to Food Trucks: Babu Zuberi’s Journey in Farming

Babu Zuberi, a Concord NH resident, is on the cusp of transforming his one-year-old farming venture into a thriving business. Originally from Congo and Tanzania, where farming was a way of life for his family, Babu has rekindled his agricultural roots in the United States. Supported by the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS), Babu is not only cultivating crops but also envisioning expansion into farmers markets and even venturing into the food truck business.

Having engaged in farming back in Africa, Babu’s transition to farming in America faced initial challenges due to a lack of connections and information. However, his fortunes changed when ORIS offered him a plot and the opportunity to join a community of 40 fellow farmers. Babu reflects on the immense support he receives from ORIS, which provides training on proper farming systems, food safety, and market access.

For Babu, farming is not just a source of income; it is a deeply rewarding experience. He finds joy in working the soil, witnessing seeds sprout into seedlings, and eventually cultivating flourishing crops. Babu emphasizes the financial rewards that come with successful farming, making it a fulfilling venture for those passionate about agriculture.

Babu specializes in cultivating culturally appropriate crops for the immigrant and refugee communities from East Africa. His produce includes African Eggplant, Amaranth, Isogo, Sawa sawa, ibisusa, and more. To share his harvest with a wider audience, Babu participates in local farmers markets, such as the Morning Star Farmers Market and Concord Farmers Market.

Undeterred by last year’s limited market opportunities, Babu is gearing up to attend two additional farmers markets within a 40-minute radius as soon as the weather warms. Beyond that, he is taking his farm on the road by investing in a food truck. This move aims to bridge the gap for consumers who may not be able to reach traditional markets and offer a diverse range of culturally rich and healthy meal choices.

Babu’s food truck will not only feature his fresh produce but also offer a taste of Africa to a wider audience. Among the menu items is Mandazi, a ball-fried pastry with a donut-like flavor, popular in Africa and among African communities worldwide. Babu envisions providing a plethora of breakfast and meal choices to cater to diverse preferences.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Babu Zuberi plans to own and run his own land, expanding his farming endeavors to include livestock. This strategic move will not only provide a sustainable source of manure but also pave the way for a holistic and self-sufficient farming operation.

Babu Zuberi’s journey from the fields to the food truck epitomizes the resilience, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit of individuals pursuing their farming dreams. As he continues to cultivate not just crops but a thriving business, Babu remains an inspiration for those who see the potential for growth in every seed planted and every harvest reaped.

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