Harimaya’s Journey to Sustainable Farming in New Hampshire

Harimaya's Journey to Sustainable Farming in New Hampshire

Harimaya’s Journey to Sustainable Farming in New Hampshire

Harimaya has found solace and purpose in farming since 2015, when she started her farming activities in Boscawen NH, thanks to the support of the Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS). Having overcome challenges in her journey, she now grows flowers and vegetables, creating a vibrant tapestry of memories that connect her to her childhood and homeland.

Harimaya’s love for farming traces back to her early years in Nepal, where she followed in the footsteps of her uncle and granddad through dense jungles teeming with Jaguars, Tigers, and wild animals. Despite the challenges, these memories form the foundation of her enduring passion for farming. She vividly recalls the ingenuity of storing harvests without modern amenities, relying on traditional methods like drying and pickling to sustain her family through seasons.

For Harimaya, farming is more than a livelihood; it’s a way of life that brings peace to her soul. After relocating to the United States in 2014, she faced a year-long hiatus from farming due to the absence of suitable land. However, her fortunes changed in 2015 when she joined ORIS in New Hampshire, allowing her to reconnect with the soil and rediscover the joy of cultivating crops.

During the winter, Harimaya engages in regular jobs, but when warmer seasons arrive, she dons her farmer’s hat. Beyond the fields, she actively participates in various farmers’ markets across the state, viewing it not only as a source of income but as an opportunity to connect with fellow farmers and showcase the fruits of her labor. Despite her dedication, she acknowledges that farming alone is insufficient to cover the rising costs of living, treating it as a part-time endeavor.

Harimaya, like many growers, grapples with challenges such as climate change and a limited market for her produce. The shortage of customers can be disheartening, and she emphasizes the need for more market opportunities to expand her farming activities. Harimaya seeks solutions and has been enrolled by ORIS in three farmers’ markets open between May and October: Concord Farmers Market, Bedford Farmers Market, and Canterbury Farmers Market.

With determination and resilience, Harimaya envisions an organized and successful future for her farming activities. Her customer base, a diverse mix of regular Americans and immigrants, particularly those from India and Nepal, speaks to the universal appeal of her produce. As she navigates the ups and downs of farming, Harimaya remains committed to reaching as many people as possible, fostering connections, and ensuring the prosperity of her agricultural venture.

Harimaya’s journey represents the transformative power of farming, transcending borders and connecting communities. Her dedication, coupled with the support of ORIS, serves as an inspiring tale of resilience, cultural preservation, and the enduring joy that comes from nurturing the land. In the fields of Boscawen, Harimaya continues to sow the seeds of her dreams, cultivating not just crops but a legacy that echoes the richness of her Nepalese heritage.

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