Top 5 Ways to Help Support Immigrant Success


Top 5 Ways to Help Support Immigrant Success

The reality is that creating a fair and just society takes work. Undoing racism and intolerance requires a lot of love, hard work, and a personal journey of self-awareness. Remember that YOU have the power to make a difference!

#1: Get political.

New Hampshire state capitol building

Public policy directly shapes the landscape of public safety, economic opportunity, affordable housing, food security and immigrant rights.

  1. Learn about issues that affect new Americans at the federal, state, and local levels. Subscribe to the AFSC-NH NH State House Newsletter and track your representatives through the ACLU-NH Legislative Scorecard.
  2. Get your members of Congress on speed dial. Remember- our taxes pay their salaries.
  3. Visit, call, and write your state representatives.
  4. Become an advocate! Take an advocacy training with New Futures. Contact the Granite State Organizing Project to discuss advocacy opportunities for you in NH.

#2: Get personal.

a farmer shaking hands with a customer at a farmers market

Nothing makes the fabric of NH stronger than real and authentic personal relationships.

First, learn how to examine your own unconscious biases and how to talk about race. We commonly think of prejudice as something you either have or you don’t. But we all carry implicit bias and hold stereotypes.

Secondly, just show up! Follow the Welcoming NH event calendar to find a multi-cultural festival, film screening, language share, solidarity march, diversity training, or around-the-world food tour near you!

#3: Support immigrant-owned businesses.

two farmers selling produce at a farmers market

We vote with our dollar. Keep your money in New Hampshire and support local businesses owned by immigrants and refugees. The path to a thriving NH economy needs the innovation, work ethic, and entrepreneurship of new Americans.

#4: Don’t just be a bystander.

It is up to all of us to interrupt racism.

Watch the Bystander Video above and read AFSC’s Don’t Just Be a Bystander. Understand immigrant rights during interactions with ICE and police. Know your rights if you video record the police.

#5: Donate to successful programs.

a sunflower against a blue sky with clouds

ORIS has a track record since 2008 of successful programs that have assisted thousands of new Americans and made NH a richer and more welcoming place for all of us. Your contribution ensures that we keep fighting to make NH a state of equal opportunity. But we are not the only game in town. Our partners need your support as well!